We are excited to launch our new series of airflow measuring stations, the only advanced thermal dispersion airflow station in the industry where both the airflow measuring probes and low-leakage control damper are manufactured in the same facility!

The new Airflow-IQ Series models AiQ-TD-50, AiQ-TD-50C, AiQ-TD-60, and AiQ-TD-60C airflow measurement stations from Ruskin offer both accurate airflow measurement through electronic thermal dispersion technology AND airflow control with the inclusion of a Ruskin high performance control damper.

Features Common on Each Model: 

  • Facilitate control of the minimum outside air as recommended through ASHRAE 62.1 or California Title 24
  • Ruskin’s BTL-Listed model TDP05K electronic airflow & temperature measuring probes fully wired and factory mounted to sleeve
  • BACnet & Analog output standard with TDP05K
  • Ruskin’s AMCA Class 1A leakage rated control damper factory mounted into sleeve
  • Factory-mounted modulating actuation available with each model
  • Airflow measuring accuracy within +/- 3% over the measuring range when installed per Ruskin installation guidelines
  • Product velocity range of 0 – 5000 FPM
  • Available with optional honeycomb airflow straightener
  • Each complete, compact assembly is constructed in Ruskin’s ISO 9001:2015 certified facility following strict calibration test procedures!

Model Application:

The AiQ-TD-50 and AiQ-TD-60 are the solution wherever both airflow measurement and control are needed; from 0 to 5000 FPM. Optional factory supplied and mounted 24V AC modulating actuators are available to regulate the airflow to meet targeted setpoint.
The AiQ-TD-50C and AiQ-TD-60C are the solution for monitoring the delivery of Outdoor Air and maintaining the desired volume setpoint with a high performance control damper and BAS automation interface air measurement actuator. Single point 24V power connection!

For more information on the Airflow-IQ Series visit: Airflow IQ Series Website Page